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     Click on any online game for a detailed description of the tournament rules. For new players, our Poker Basics section is highly recommended before joining one of the competitive game rooms.
    No matter which online poker game you decide to play, you will always be playing against real people. Your fellow players may live down the street or halfway around the world. To help keep our games honest, and to be fair to all players, only allows one account per player. Management reserves the right to close multiple accounts which we believe belong to the same player.


    The minimum buy-in at any poker table is ten times the amount of the bet on the lower betting rounds in fixed online games, and twenty times the big blind in Pot Limit and No Limit games. For example, the minimum buy-in for a 10/20 fixed game is 100 play chips, and the minimum buy-in in 0.10/0.25 Pot Limit game is 5 play chips.


    When a player puts the last of his or her chips into a pot, that player is said to be all-in. An all-in player is not eligible to win any chips bet above his or her final bet. The excess part of the bet is either returned to the bettor, or used to form a side pot with another online poker player or players who matched the amount bet. There is no limitation on the number of side pots. However, the all-in player will be eligible for the main pot, and therefore cannot be forced from the hand in our tournament game rooms.
    Sometimes a player has enough chips to continue betting or calling but has been disconnected and unable to respond. In this case the player is also deemed to be “all-in” for all the amount of chips he or she has bet on this particular hand. If this happens repeatedly, it probably means the player’s Internet connection is poor. We therefore recommend that the player stop playing for a while, and wait until the Internet connection improves.
    A player is allotted 25 seconds to act in fixed limit games and 35 seconds in Pot Limit and No Limit games. A warning message is displayed in the poker tournament room chat box when there are 15 seconds left to act. If a player is disconnected and returns before he or she is timed out, the player receives at least 10 seconds to act. If a player fails to act within the allotted time while being connected, the player’s hand is folded by the system.


    Selected PL and NL tables do not have all-in protection for disconnects. These tournament poker tables are identified in the lobby by listing “(no all-in)” next to the table name.
    Although these poker room tables do not offer regular all-in protection, more time to act is given when a player is disconnected and has play money invested in the pot. If there is a bet to a disconnected player, additional time will be added (not taken from the time bank) based on the pot size:
    . no time added if up to 5 big blinds
    . 15 seconds if the pot is more than 5 BB and up to 10 BB
    . 30 seconds if the pot is more than 10 BB and up to 20 BB
    . 60 seconds if the pot is more than 20 BB and up to 40 BB
    . 120 seconds if the pot is more than 40 BB and up to 80 BB
    . 240 seconds if the pot is more than 80 BB
    When an online poker player is disconnected and has no equity in the pot, the hand will be folded when the regular time allotted expires.
    When there is a check to a disconnected player, the hand will be checked after the regular time allotted expires.


    These tables are identified by the words “high speed” in parentheses after a poker table name. These special tournament poker room tables are designed for those players who want to keep the game moving at a faster pace than a standard online tournament poker table. These are the differences with a high speed table:
    1. You receive only 15 seconds to act in a Limit game, instead of 25.
    2. You receive only 20 seconds to act in a NL/PL game, instead of 35.
    3. You only have 1 second to show or muck, instead of 3 seconds.
    4. The pot is pushed to the winner faster.
    5. The showdown is over faster, in 2 seconds instead of 4.
    In addition, “auto-posting” of blinds is required at a high-speed poker table, and cannot be turned off. When you sit down, you’re automatically in “wait for the blind” mode, and will post at your first normally scheduled big blind.


    In the rare event of a server crash, all transactions will be posted to the players’ accounts at the completion of each hand. When a hand cannot be completed, for any reason, all of the players’ accounts will be restored to the way they were at the beginning of the hand. All bets are considered off, and a new hand will be dealt.
      Note: All references using dollar signs ($) are for illustration only. Betting on involves zero cash value ‘play money’ chips only for all poker tournament rooms online.